The Shop AKA Hargissville

The New Place AKA Hargissville.

This location is a relatively new space and it is everything we hoped for and more!  The shop is located at 4002 Hamilton Street, Omaha NE 68131. While there is much work to be done yet, we do have the shop up and running full steam ahead! We have started on the Luthier School and work on the theatre is going as planned. Our hope for the future is to create an arts and crafts room, a space for silversmith work, an ebay room and possibly some retail rental spaces for local artisans to display their creations. This space has so much potential that we envision all of these ideas coming to fruition. 

The space we are most excited about is the old Winn/ Hamilton Street theater that will be restored and opened as The 40th Street Theatre. More information about this on this site. Our goal is to restore it to its original glory and we will use the space for all types of artisan expression. It will also be availble for fundraisers, local meetings and private rentals. It will be a welcome center for the community. We can't wait.
One of our goals that we are most proud of is 90% of renovations will be completed using recyled materials, obtained mostly from within the buildings themselves. Not everything we need can be found in the buildings so we are going to have to expand our search. We are accepting any donations of materials,services and monies to complete the renovations of the 40th Street Theatre. If you yourself have something you would like to donate please send a PayPal payment to We would like to see this theater as a community hotspot of sorts and invite you to become involved if you are interested.