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Custom Guitars Available

Order a Hargiss built guitar and
customize it to your specifications!

"Canjo" built by John Hargiss

John Hargiss built his first guitar with his father, who was also a builder, when he was 19 years old.  Before officially opening Hargiss Stringed Instruments in 1983, John had been building and repairing instruments in his garage on the side no matter what other job he had throughout the years. With 40 plus years of experience under his belt, John is able to build all types of stringed instruments. He is also willing to take the time to help others with their ideas such as the "canjo", the cigar box bass and even a conch shell lute! 

Conch shell lute
Cigar box guitar-  it sounds good too!

Pictured below is a custom bass guitar built with black walnut. What's cool about this one is the wood came from a tree that was damaged in a storm right across the street from the shop!

Hargiss custom built black walnut bass
Custom built black walnut bass guitar
Custom built black walnut bass guitar
Black Walnut Tree.jpeg

The "Big Johnson" 
Designed and built for Troy J. this instrument is a combination of a banana bass and a harp guitar. 

customer requested banana bass/harp guitar combo
customer requested banana bass/harp guitar combo
customer requested banana bass/harp guitar combo
Customer requested custom dreadnaught
customer requested custom dreadnaught

Built for our friend Stephen C. this is a "D" model. Spruce top and mahogany sides and back. 

customer requested custom dreadnaught
The "Minstrel" designed and built by John Hargiss

The "Minstrel" guitar was designed to be a convenient guitar to travel with. It has a full scale length neck and while the body is small in size it resonates like a full size guitar. We do have classes available to teach you how to build your own Minstrel guitar!

The "Minstrel"- built by Hargiss
The "Ameego"- built by Hargiss
OM model guitar built by Hargiss
bouzouki built by John Hargiss
Harp guitar built by John Hargiss
D model built by Hargiss
custom built minstrel guitar by Hargiss
custom pot leaf guitar by Hargiss
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