Have you ever thought about a career as a luthier?

~We  have one-on-one lessons available for teaching specific points  of interest starting at $50 per hour.

~ Want to build your own guitar?  Learn all the steps to building a stringed instrument. There are no set times, we work  around your availability. Classes start at $2800 and includes materials. 

~ Six month and twelve month sessions available. These sessions are set up similar to an internship, you will be present three to four days per week for all the day-to-day jobs that come into the shop, as well as, building instruments of your own.

Six month session: $12500 - includes the building of one full size guitar and a choice between the Ameego or a ukulele.

Twelve month session: $24000 - includes the building of two full size guitars and a ukulele

"Ameego" guitar backs and tops
Assembly of the "Ameego" guitar.
Hargiss built guitars.