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Have you ever thought about a career as a luthier?

~We  have one-on-one lessons available for teaching specific points  of interest starting at $50 per hour.

~ Want to build your own guitar?  Learn all the steps to building a stringed instrument. There are no set times, we work  around your availability. Classes start at $2800 and includes materials. 

~ Six month and twelve month sessions available. These sessions are set up similar to an internship, you will be present two to three days per week for all the day-to-day jobs that come into the shop, as well as, building instruments of your own. This is an accelerated course dependent on the repairs coming into the shop. You may see a certain repair only once so it will be your responsibility to take good notes. We recommend that you have a background where you have worked with wood or have experience in mechanical building. The past experience of working with tools and your hands is a real asset. 

~Not sure you want to commit to a six or twelve month course? Start with taking a building class- we can prorate the cost of the school internships

~ Six month session: $12500 - includes the building of one full size guitar and a choice between the Ameego or a ukulele.

~Twelve month session: $24000 - includes the building of two full size guitars and a ukulele or an Ameego.

"Ameego" guitar backs and tops
Assembly of the "Ameego" guitar.
Hargiss built guitars.
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