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Repairs and Services

We can help with a cosmetic scratch to a  buzzing fret
to a broken headstock and everything in between!

John Hargiss has been building and repairing stringed instruments for over 40 years!  He first opened his doors in 1983 in Benson, NE. You can rest assured that all instruments are properly repaired and set up to an optimum playing condition. 

Guitar Repair Rates

These prices are general ballpark figures, a general starting point. You must bring your instrument into  the shop for a firm   estimate. The estimate you are given may be higher or lower than the prices listed below. The hourly shop rate is $60 per hour.

  • Set Up ~ Starting at $90 plus cost of strings ~ Includes neck adjustment, set intonation, action adjustment, minor fret work, tighten tuner screws and nuts, lubricate tuning machines, polish and restring

  • Adjust Action Only ~ $60 ~ Includes neck adjustment and action adjustment, no fret work

  • New Nut ~ $90 and up ~ If there are additional problems with the instrument, these may need to be addressed at an additional cost before a new nut will be installed

  • Compensated Bone Saddle ~ $75 and up ~ additional issues with the instrument may need to be addressed at an additional cost before this repair can be completed  

  • Re-Glue Bridge ~ $125 and up ~ Remove, adjust and re-glue old bridge

  • Replace Bridge ~ $175 plus materials ~ Includes bone saddle

  • Handmade Bridge ~ $200 and up ~ Fabricate a replica bridge and install, includes bone saddle and action adjustment

  • Replace Tuners ~ $50 and up plus cost of tuners ~ Many tuner options available

  • Fret Leveling ~ $150 and up ~ Frets may need to be replaced if there is not enough height left to file

  • Complete Re-Fret ~ $15 per fret plus set-up charge. Fret boards with binding are an additional cost, new nut or saddle may be required to complete the job appropriately

  • Neck Re-Set ~ $225 and up ~ Removal of neck and re-cut to adjust action. Additional repairs may be required to complete the job appropriately  

  • Crack Repair ~ The instrument must be brought into the shop. The repair may require reinforcement. The process will include touch-up of appropriate finish.

  • Headstock Crack ~ $200 and up ~ May require braces for extra reinforcement and will include touch-up of instrument finish.

  • Pick-up Installation ~ $75 and up ~ Saddle will be re-sized for proper action and contact with pick-up, may require a new saddle

  • Interior bracing repair ~ $75 and up ~ Re-glue loose interior braces.

  • Electronic Issues ~ $45 Diagnostic Fee - this fee will be applied to final repair cost should you choose to have the repair completed. 



Instruments must be brought in for evaluation before a firm estimate is given. 

We will not give estimates via email or over the phone. 

Repairs generally can be completed within two weeks. 

There is an additional $60 fee for rush jobs.

Examples of repairs, custom finishes and other requests...

Catastrophic repair


Customer request for a cutaway.


Catastrophic repair


Partial vintage guitar refurbishment


Custom Finish Request

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